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F the operation because the whole outcome of the surgery depends on its clarity and accuracy," says dr. Sombat. "it is a precise and accurate tool which provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the patient's anatomy before any bone cuts are made," he added. During the actual operation, the computerised navigation system creates a 3d image of the operating area of the patient which is viewed throughout the procedure, eliminating educated guess work. "it acts like a brain that gives you 3d pictures," says dr. Sombat. Once all the correct information in available, the orthopaedic surgeon can start to make highly precise bone cuts so that the prosthetic can slot in near perfectly.  the robotic system assists the surgeon to do the surgery. It holds the instruments as the surgeon manipulates them robotically. But the navigation system stands by the surgon, connecting to the reference array and a special probe keeps the computer abreast of changes during the operation. "we can say suppose we cut the bone this way or insert the prosthesis here, the navigation system will tell us whether it is appropriate or not. "   precision where it counts "say we are placing a screw into an area of the spine to correct a fracture or deformity, the navigation system tells us the precise position and angle of insertion that is optimal. For the sake of strength and durability, obviously the larger the screw the better. The navigator tells us precisely how large we can go. If it is too short or too thin, the screw won't be as strong as it could be. If it is too long or  wide, it might damage a neighbourting organ or nerves. buy cheap viagra cheap viagra online viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra viagra online cheap viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription where can i buy viagra online where is the cheapest place to buy viagra And if it goes in at even a slightly incorrect incorrect angle, it will not only be weaker but may cause damage. "   when you are correcting spinal fractures or degenerative conditions such as spondylosis, you need the optimum point of entry and this technology enables you to do that. The proper placement of spinal instrument fixations reduces surgical risk and complications and increases stability. The longevity of prosthesis or spinal fixation depends on accuracy of the surgical technique and this technique has by far the best outcome. "with the navigator's assistance we can do operations with far greater confidence," said dr. Sombat " alignment is close to 100% every time and that means the prosthetic works better and lasts longer. " the system is also safer. In fact, orthopaedic surgeons are used to creating 3d images from 2d images such as plain x-rays films, cd scans or mi images, for surgical planning. 2d and 3d images from real-time fluoroscopy are also available intre-operatively but carry an increased risk of rediation exposure. By contrast, the.  

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