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Came after the surgery. I had to do things like acupuncture, pelvic floor physical therapy and be treated for clinical depression after the shock of surgical menopause (ovaries were removed). Have i gotten through everything? Yes, over the course of 2+ years. I started using the word normal at about a year. Full recovery from a hysterectomy can take 6 to 12 months. Was it a 6 to 8 week initial recovery? 6 weeks off work, 2 weeks of part-time exhausted work when i went back and actually had to have pelvic rest for close to a total of 12 weeks because i was a slow healer. Is my sex life back to a good place? Yes but it took me awhile and i would say my 2 year mark is where i finally made the turn to say i think i'll be on the better path now. I am in no way saying you shouldn't do it. But make sure that you know what is up and with children you may want to plan on needing a bit more time to heal. You can always ramp up if things go better but it is harder to find the help and slow down if you didn't plan ahead. G. Tauruslady view public profile find all posts by tauruslady member's threads gift tauruslady a 'you are an angel' badge! Gift tauruslady an upgraded membership!   # 8   02-12-2011, 03:38 pm martydan hyster sister   hysterectomy : surgery type : dvh ovaries : kept 1 or both re: sexual function question after robotic supracervical hysterectomy hi taurus lady, thanks so much for your candor. I'm realizing how vitally important it is to think this through, and to ask the dr. More questions (and to maybe have a more realistic time frame). Appreciate you! Martydan martydan view public profile find all posts by martydan member's threads gift martydan a 'you are an angel' badge! Gift martydan an upgraded membership!   # 9   02-12-2011, 04:32 pm soromer hyster sister   hysterectomy : february 22nd, 2011 surgery type : dvh ovaries : removed both re: sexual function question after robotic supracervical hysterectomy thanks for starting this thread, martydan--asking questions that i had myself! --and for your reply, taurus lady. I have 10 more days to go until my own procedure (ralh? And bso and lymph nodes out), having been diagnosed with endometrial cancer three weeks ago. I am very apprehensive about experiencing sudden menopause--though i'm 53, i don't think i'm quite there yet--and facing sexual issues afterwards too. To hear that there is eventually a positive outcome is reassuring to me, even if it might be some months out. And i am trying to take it to heart that everyone's experience is truly unique.... Peace, soromer soromer view public profile find all posts by soromer member's threads gift soromer a 'you are an. http://howtosmudge.com/pjn-cheap-generic-viagra-online-bn/ cheap viagra buy viagra canada http://nationalityinworldhistory.net/bsh-buy-generic-viagra-online-jc/ viagra for sale viagra for sale cheap viagra online generic viagra online cheap viagra buy generic viagra


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