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Gym rat confidential home archives submit your stories! Posts tagged ‘morton’s neuroma’ time for more pt? Ok – so i apparently have the best blog readers ever! Thanks for all your advice getting signed up for pt. I had my first few appointments and here’s what she says: i am built very, very wrong. My spine does x, i bend from y in one direction and z in the other. My hips are not open or something. Basically… i’ve got a lot of work to do. But what else? I fucked up my back royally! In my latest gym routine, i did these inverted pushups with my legs on the bench and my hands on the floor. So, ya know the part where the trainer is like “tighten your core! Support your back! ” and you’re all…“um… whatever. ” well, i get it now. I think my problem came when i confused “good pain” with “bad pain”. The kind of pain that you feel when things are getting stronger vs the kind of pain when you need to say, “stop! ” i missed it, and now my back feel like the muscles are attacking themselves, all squeezing right into the middle of my back. Right now it hurts the most to sit, but for a while it hurt to lie on the floor, too. The foam roller was — is — my best friend. The euphoric *crack crack crack crack* as i rolled down the length of my spine, as i let out a near-orgasmic moan right in the middle of the stretching area. â  the physical therapist says “try the chiropractor” but i am so skeptical of chiropractic. It seems like a quick fix… something people get addicted to. But maybe i’m wrong. Thankfully, that’s the least of my problems as lately i’ve spent most of my time on my back. I had foot surgery on tuesday to fix a morton’s neuroma in my right foot. So now, i’m not just not-running. I’m not just not-squatting-or-lunging… now i’m not doing anything at all. I’ll start physical therapy for the surgery in 2 weeks, and i’m still in physical therapy for my knee, and my back feels like it has a vendetta against me — pt or chiropractic is in the future for that, too. generic viagra prices generic viagra lowest prices canadian viagra no prescription cheap viagra in usa cheap viagra from canada online pharmacy generic viagra generic viagra online where is the cheapest place to buy viagra viagra for sale cheap generic viagra au canada I worked really hard to get in shape. Now, i have to persevere through some pretty significant setbacks. S-u-c-k-s!!!!! I have to avoid all the pity eating that usually comes with me pitying myself because i’m not doing anything to burn the pity-calories. Gah. Crutching around seems to be showcasing my triceps pretty well :) what!? I gotta feel good about something. August 24, 2008 at 1:15 am 3 comments recent posts tommy john long sleeve undershirt - ftw! 81 pushup (in 5 minute) challenge - win! Hundred pushup challenge - "i'll leave pushups to the bo.


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