Home about us our office conditions services & procedures balloon sinuplasty ™ contact us albert a. Mcclain, jr. , md, inc. To make an appointment 619. 267. 8440 da vinci ® conditions throat cancer the throat consists of the pharynx - the area behind the mouth and nasal cavity - and the larynx - your voice box. An important feature of the throat is the epiglottis, which is a flap separating the esophagus from the trachea (windpipe). The epiglottis closes when you eat or drink to prevent inhalation of food or liquids. The throat also contains blood vessels, pharynx muscles, the trachea and esophagus. The only bones in the throat area are the hyoid bone under your chin and clavicle (collar) bone. About throat cancer cancer that occurs in the larynx and pharynx − which includes the base of the tongue and tonsils − is commonly called throat cancer. quality viagra generic online where can i buy non prescription viagra cheap viagra sales viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra india how to buy generic viagra generic viagra cheap secure canadian pharmacy online cheap viagra discount generic viagra mg buy viagra online usa Throat cancer often develops from squamous cells (flat, thin, scale-like cells) on the moist tissue lining the larynx, pharynx or mouth. Throat cancer usually develops in adults over 50. 1 men are 10 times more likely than women to develop the disease. 1 worldwide, there are about 290,000 cases of throat cancer diagnosed each year. 2 an examination of the neck and throat may show the presence of the cancer. Causes & risk factors of throat cancer different cancers have different causes, and specific risk factors may increase your chances of developing cancer. It is important to know the risk factors of cancer so appropriate action can be taken such as changing a behavior or being monitored closely for a potential cancer. But, people with one or more risk factors may never develop the disease, while others diagnosed with throat cancer may have no known risk factors. Risk factors of throat cancer include: alcohol and tobacco use3 male gender1 old age1 contracting hpv (human papillomavirus)4 symptoms of throat cancer while symptoms may be a sign of some other condition, it is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of throat cancer since it is highly curable when found early. 1 common symptoms of throat cancer may include:1 sputum (coughed-up mucus) may be bloody lump may appear on the outside of the neck abnormal-sounding breathing chronic cough neck pain or swelling difficulty swallowing throat pain screening & testing screening tests are often used because they can be helpful in finding cancers early and decreasing the chance of dying from cancer. 5 there is no standard or routine screening test for throat cancer. Screening may be done during a regular check-up by your dentist or doctor. The exam will include looking for lesions and white or red patches of cel.
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