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Producer and Directed by
Laura Longsworth

Produced in Association with Sundance Channel

Edited by
Jean Dunoyer

Cimematography by
Stephen McCarthy and Ann Johnson Prum

Music by
John Kusiak and P. Andrew Willis

Special Thank You to
The Luckey Family

For Sundance Channel

Executive Producers
Laura Michalchyshyn
Lynne Kirby

Supervising Producer
Ari Mark

Support Provided by
Paralyzed Veterans of America
Jon and Lillian Lovelace
Agnes Gund and Daniel Shapiro
Alan and Linda Landis
LEF Foundation
New Balance Athletic Shoe
The Philanthropic Collaborative
eeg-cowles foundation
The Fledgling Fund
Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
Annie Longsworth & John Dallas
Peter Tracy
Robert and Stephanie Kemp

Fiscal Sponsorship by
Filmmakers Collaborative, Inc.

Special Thanks
The Boston Children’s Museum
Lou Casagrande
Gail Ringel
Felix Garcia
Armando Perez
Brent Johnson
Andrew D’Amour
Robert Brady
Lianne Audette
Laura Wainwright
Ingrid Sweeney
Neil Gordon
Louis Mackall
John Mallery
Frances Mallery
Don Metz
Jason Sibley
Shawmut Construction
Cambridge Seven
Gaylord Hospital, Wallingford Ct.
Dr. Matthew Raymond
Yale-New Haven Hospital
Oona Metz
Chuck and Polly Longsworth
Linda R. and William M. Dietel
Lyda Kuth
Ben Loeterman
Seagate Technology
Southwest Airlines
Norwegian Cruise Line

Jay Maurer
Matthew Bradbury
Joe Sousa
Ben Stechschulte
Jennifer Pearce

Additional Camera
Matthew Bradbury
Jason Longo
Gerald Wenner

Additional Editing
Rachel Clark

Assistant Editors
Roxanna Myhrum
Robert Rabe

Korynn Rielly Kirchwey

Legal Services Provided by
John Ives
Ives Law Office

Bookkeeping and Business Affairs
Ellen Golbranson

Sound Design and Mix
Heart Punch Studio

On-line Editor
Jim Ferguson

Production Assistants
Roxanna Myhrum
Sam Gale Rosen
Doug Anderson

Patterson Sims
Randy MacLowry
Peter Rhodes
James Rutenbeck
Jennifer Pearce
Jocelyn Glatzer
Jason Pechek
Whit Griswold
Phil Hallen
Gwyn Metz & Ellen McNeilly
Dave Steinman
Matt Kaplowitz

Music Credits

Written by Irving Berlin
Irving Berlin Music Company

Timour Tartar
Edward Huws Jones
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Performed by Ingrid Sweeney And Ettie Luckey

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